Chelsea Type Elective

This blog is for/about the UAL Chelsea students in London who signed up for the Typograpy elective. It is your responsibility to fill this blog with as much research and interesting findings as possible.

Oct 27

Felice Varini

An interesting artist with an innovative and inspirational approach to the space. Enjoy.

Oct 25

Car park 'down'

Something I found on the random that I thought was pretty cool x

Adam Kirkman, Type Experiments, 2009

Steve Haslip, I’m Most Productive in the Morning, 2009

Craig Ward

(A1 paper cut illustration that took him 11 hours to complete)

(“YOU BLOW ME AWAY 01″: Collaboration with Jason Tozer)

Oct 24

Jenny Holzer in NY 2004

Jenny Holzer in NY

Link to a series of Images from artist Jenny Holzer.

More can be found at:

Debbie Smyth

Debbie Smyth

Broken Glass


Musings from class


more quotes

British Sculptor, James Hopkins

British Sculptor, James Hopkins